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I'm also a playwright and some of my plays are listed below.
All are currently available for licence - please contact me directly for this.



'It’s the real deal: a lacerating drama that leaves you distressed and infuriated in equal measure.... Robinson has beautifully humanised her agenda... it’s an important play' - The Sydney Morning Herald

Bad Machine is a powerful and provocative new play exploring the Australian government's Robodebt crisis and its impact on vulnerable Australians in Western Sydney and beyond. It was commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre and the Malcolm Robertson Foundation and was produced at Sydney's Casula Powerhouse in March 2022. The script is published by Currency Press available here.

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Two geneticists discover an uncomfortable truth about human intelligence in this new comic farce on ethics and science.

Deoxyribo-Whatever Acid won the 2020 Lysicrates Prize for drama and was supported by The Australia Council for the Arts, the Lysicrates Foundation and Griffin Theatre Company.





TimeOut Sydney

Where do you go when you don’t have a home? Sandra learns she has two weeks to move out. No choice but to pack up and find another sharehouse. But Sandra is in her 50s and affordable places are hard to find in the ruthless rental market.

In one interview after another, she contorts herself into the shape of what she thinks people want in a housemate. But with each rejection she becomes increasingly desperate, losing control of her life in frighteningly simple ways.

Good Cook. Friendly. Clean featured in the Women Directors' Festival at London's Bunker Theatre and received its world premiere production at Sydney's Griffin Theatre in 2018. Published by Currency Press.

Good Cook.jpg
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Just a few weeks left

Make the most

See the most

Don't waste any time on black and white

Can you trust what you see from your window?

Ann is a recluse. She lives alone in a block of flats, addicted to watching her neighbours’ lives. When a new tenant and his daughter move in, Ann looks on as usual. But when her new neighbour insists there is no little girl staying with him, Ann’s curiosity turns to obsession. A dark fuzz keeps blurring her vision, which is rapidly deteriorating. Are her eyes just playing tricks or is an actual wrong being done across the way?

This resonant and powerful play explores a predicament that haunts us all; just how alone we can really be in the midst of this crowded city.

This one-woman psychological thriller premiered at Sydney's Old 505 Theatre in 2013. It's also had seasons at the Melbourne Fringe Festival and London Vault Festival.


A man abandons the victim of a dog attack early one morning. A woman uncovers a hidden secret in the x-rays of her patient. A son sits in a wheelchair.
Good parents become bad people in this poetic psychological thriller. A sweaty jog through a brutal suburbia, the confessional writing style transforms the question of for whom we are responsible into a much darker riddle.
Produced in 2015 at Bondi Pavilion by Tamarama Rock Surfers' Theatre Company with Helpmann nominated, Martin Crewes.

Playwright: Projects
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